Advanced Consulting, s.r.o., provides services in the area of implementation, maintenance and development of corporate solutions based on the SAP platform.

Project management

Involves application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities leading to achievement of the project’s requirements. The basic goal of the project management is to deliver the result – in time, with full functionality and costs kept within the set level.

IS implementation

We understand the process of implementation as the complete set of activities relating to putting the new SAP information system or its part into routine operation. We carry out implementation following procedural steps based on the AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) methodology.

ASAP is a comprehensive SAP methodology developed for the management of SAP solution projects.

The individual phases of IS implementation include:

The individual phases have to be predefined and approved.

Data migration

Data migration is necessary when changing an information system or a database which is not compatible with the existing one. Migration is one of the basic implementation procedures and requires a close cooperation of the supplier’s consultants with current users. In the target concept it is necessary to exactly define the data to be migrated.

User training

The user training takes place already in the individual phases of implementation, i.e. key users become familiar with the system’s general functions and their basic use.

The modular and interaction tests of the set system are carried out by the customer’s employees under supervision of the supplier’s consultants.

Maintenance and support

We provide a continuous support and development of IS SAP. In the event of requirements for larger modifications to IS SAP we carry out a partial analysis of the relevant requirements and propose a solution which following its acceptation we usually realize as a separate implementation project.


Our offer also includes single focus consultations, typically dealing with problem solution during the IS SAP operation.

We deliver complete standard solutions, their integration and optimizing, as well as customized development exactly according to customer needs.